Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Kids running with a papier-maché cow

Cute girl leaning on a cow. Do not miss her tongue! :P


  1. great colors on your photo. What is happening in the photo?

  2. Hi Li+Belle,
    It was some sort of parade to celebrate Saint Eulàlia, the co-patron of Barcelona.

    It is typical in Catalonia to use "papier-maché" sculptures during these parades. That afternoon there were a handful of associations from nearby towns showing their figures.

    You may notice those kind of clothespins and wires sticking out from them. They're used to attach fireworks during correfocs. This is also the reason why the animals have such an aggressive look.
    See a picture here.


  3. Thanks for the information. This is very interesting. In fact, besides the horns, there is the mounting for the fireworks. Now I see it.

    Have a great week.